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Security Cameras

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Security Cameras Houston by Big Tex Security

Big Tex Security professionally installs security cameras in Houston and surrounding areas.

Whether you need a camera system to compliment your home security system, or for your business, give us a call.

Our top quality equipment, along with our professional installation services, ensure a security camera system that you will be happy with for years to come.

CCTV Installations Include Warranty

All of our security camera systems come with a 90 day labor and a 3 year manufacturers warranty on the equipment. This includes the DVR and the cameras! Exclusions include acts of God, vandalism & remodeling. Call for more details.


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Call Big Tex Security for All Your Security Camera Needs

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Security Cameras for Business

A professionally installed security camera system can help a business in many ways.

The most obvious benefit is the ability to id someone who has gained access to the property without permission. This can be someone breaking in after hours, or someone that has accessed a secure area that they are not supposed to be in. Protecting your assets is vial for your profitability. Whether you need security cameras for retail, wholesale applications or even in an office environment, we can provide the ideal solutions for you.

Check on Your Store Remotely

Many business owners like to be able to check in on their stores while they are away. Being able to check out how the store is running, as well as how the employees are conducting themselves can be a huge benefit for a business owner that doesn’t want to be tied down to their store 24 hours a day. Most security camera installations have an app available that you can view on your phone or computer remotely.

In addition to the convenience of being able to check in, a business security camera system helps to deter employee and customer theft or shrinkage. A person is much less likely to try to shoplift, steal your product, or cash from the register, if they think there is a good chance that they could lose their job or go to jail.

Security Cameras Help Protect Against Lawsuits

One problem that every business owner needs to be aware of is the frivolous lawsuits brought by people who claim to have either slipped, or fallen in your business.  An investment in a good cctv camera system can save you a lot in the long run.

Home Camera System Installations

If you want to add an enhanced level of security to your home, then a home camera system is a great addition.

However, it is important to consider what it is you want to accomplish with your system. Are you wanting to just identify unwelcome visitors to your door?  Are you wanting to record certain areas inside of your home?  Are you wanting outside cameras that will pick up the tag number of people who pull into your driveway?

Knowing what you want in a security camera system is the first step of satisfactory ownership. There are many different cameras on the market today to obtain the view you are looking for. Good quality cameras are not a one size fits all like some of the camera systems you see in the big box stores.

For instance, if you need to pick up license plate numbers out on your driveway at night, you need cameras with lights that can read that far out.  The further the view of the area you are trying to cover, the narrower the field of view will be.

Big Tex Security will install a home camera system that meets your needs and your budget.  In addition to the comfort of knowing that your system is properly designed to cover the areas you want covered, it will come with our standard 90 day labor and 3 year manufacturers warranty on the DVR and the cameras.