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Chambers Cnty Permits

Chambers County Facts and Alarm Permits

Chambers County Facts and Alarm Permits

Alarm System Resources and Permits for Chambers County
36,550 people live in Chambers county, in southeastern Texas. Big Tex Security provides alarm systems, equipment and monitoring throughout the county. With a growth rate of over 40% the area has seen an increase in congestion and possibility of residential and commercial crime.

The median household income is $72,239 (2014) which is about 50% greater than in 2000. The median house value is $145,200 which has been growing higher than the state average.

Property crimes, including burglary, are substantially lower in Chambers County than elsewhere. On an index of 100 as the worst, the county indexes at 26.5. This is compared to 50.4 for Houston; 45.5 for Texas and 38.1 for the nation as a whole.

Chambers County Commercial Alarm Systems.
There are approximately 2,595 businesses in the county. These range from small retailers to larger corporate operations with offices and manufacturing facilities. The Big Tex professionally installed commercial security systems are designed to meet the specific needs of every business.

Chambers County Home Security Tip: Engage your local police. In addition to providing information about previous crimes in the area, the police will inspect your home giving you valuable suggestions and advice to minimize your risks.

Big Tex Security Offer

Permits are required for residential and commercial alarm system applications. There is no fee for the permit and you can apply at http://www.co.chambers.tx.us/

If you’re new to Chambers County; a recent resident or planning to relocate to the county, call Big Tex Security at (281) 783-3900 to discover how easy and affordable a professional protection can be. From basic systems to advanced systems that allow you to monitor your workplace from anywhere while recording the coverage for later retrieval, if necessary.

Chambers County alarm permit (mail in form)

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