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Hedwig Village Permits

Permits are required in the Memorial Villages

Security Alarm Permits Hedwig Village

Formed in 1954 and considered one of the Memorial villages, Hedwig Village requires security alarm permits for residents and businesses located with in its city limits. The village has approximately 2,500 residents; 500 businesses and 31,000 daytime visitors.

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Permit fees are prorated based upon the application period. They are as follows:
January 1 thru March 31: $50.00
April 1 thru June 30:
$37.00 July 1 thru September 30: $25.00
October 1 thru December 31: $12.00

Alarm permit renewal fees are $25.00

Business registration is $50.00 annually.

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Hedwig Village alarm permit (mail or walk in)


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