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Deer Park Permits

Deer Park Facts and Alarm Permits

Alarm System Permits Deer Park, Texas
Located about 18 miles to the south east of Houston, Deer Park has a population of 33,517 living in 11,166 housing units. 74% of residents are owners with 77% of those being single family homes. Alarm permits are required for homes, apartments and the approximately 2,242 businesses. There is a fee of $25 per year for residential accounts and $50/year for commercial applications. The permits must be renewed annually and the renewal fees are the same.

Most Deer Park residents work in education, manufacturing, healthcare and construction. 1,378 Deer Park residents work in management.

Deer Park Home Security Tip: Be careful what you throw in the garbage or recycling cans. Burglars will often check refuge to see if packaging for valuable new items are being tossed. Including them where easily visible can indicate new purchases or gifts in your home.

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Despite being a relatively safe city perhaps because so many residents must commute to work, there were 48 burglaries and 592 property crimes recorded by the FBI in 2016. Criminals like to break-in during the daytime when homes and apartments are vacant so the first line of defense should be an alarm system installed and monitored by Big Tex Security.

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