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Galveston Permits

Security Alarm Permits Galveston

According to 2016 FBI statistics there were 331 burglaries and 1771 property crimes during the year. 50,500 residents in 21 neighborhoods. The city is nautical with very few manufacturing businesses. Most people work in offices (12.12%), food services (10.4%) and predominately retail sales (9.8%).

Median home value is $154,400 and median apartment rent is $865 per month. Unlike many Texas cities and towns, most residents are renters (57%). The median household income (HHI) is $42,216. About 52% of the residents are employed with 42% not in the labor force and an unemployment rate of 5.6%. Approximately 3,100 Galveston households are considered low income..

Galveston Home Security Tip: Garages, sheds and outdoor structures are prime targets for burglars. Never leave outdoor items like barbecues, toys, bicycles, lawn mowers and tools outside in unsecured structures

.Being situated on an island, Galveston attracts large numbers of tourists and day trippers looking to enjoy the beach, activities, fishing, area attractions, dining and shopping. Unfortunately this large number of transient visitors and the relaxed atmosphere can create opportunities for criminals. Be sure to keep property secured and follow our tips for additional preventive security steps for homes, vehicles and property. Additionally be certain to use a professionally installed Big Tex Security alarm system. Because of it’s location, Galveston is often subject to temporary power outages due to weather. Be sure to use a wireless, battery supported security system that will notify you via your cell phone if there is an intrusion or cause for concern.

Where to get security alarm permits in Galveston
Security alarm permits are required for Galveston residential and commercial uses. The permits cost $25.00 annually and can be obtained or renewed by sending the completed application and fee to:

Galveston Police Department
Attn: Permit Office
P.O. Box 779
Galveston, TX 77553

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City of Galveston Permit (mail in)


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