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Ft. Bend Cnty. Permits

Alarm System Permits Fort Bend County

Fort bend County Facts and Alarm Permits

Since 1980 Fort Bend County has been among one of the fastest growing in the United States. Big Tex Security is pleased to offer innovation, customer-oriented security for the approximately 685,345 total residents in 214,126 households plus the approximately 12,688 businesses located within the county.

There are 252,998 housing units within the county and 182, 159 are occupied by the owner. The county is among the wealthiest in Texas with a median household income of $95,389. This coupled with the large geographic coverage and suburban tendency makes it an attractive target for burglaries. In fact the there were a reported 1,142 burglaries within the last six months.

Fort Bend County Home Security Tip: Don’t hide keys in the typical places like under a mat or in a planter near the door. Criminals know where the most likely places are to find spare keys.

Alarm system permits are required for businesses and residences located outside city limits. If you reside or have a business within one of the county’s cities, their alarm system permits will be required. County permits for residential alarm systems cost $35.00 annually. Alarm system permits for commercial establishments both retail and offices, are also $35.00 annually. Renewals for both are $10.00 annually. Due to application volumes the sheriff’s office advises that it takes about 3 weeks for to process an alarm permit application.

Big Tex Security Offer

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s department offers an innovative Vacation/House Watch program for those who will be away from their residence for an extended period. This service, coupled with a Big Tex Security alarm system will allow you to travel without home security worried.

Whether you’re planning on traveling or want to improve your home security during the business day or at night, Big Tex Security offers flexible plans and a selection of the industry’s finest equipment. We’ll be happy to assess your needs and work with you to develop a security plan. Once the plan is chosen and you’ve obtained the required alarm system permits, we’ll be able to provide professional installation backed by 24/7 monitoring. Call us today at (281) 783-3900 to learn more.


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