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College Station Permits

College Station Facts and Alarm Permits

College Station Facts and Alarm Permits

Alarm System Permits for College Station
Alarm system permits are not required for residents and businesses in College Station.

With a population of approximately 112,000 and 38,000 households, College Station is characterized by rather polar demographics. The city has some of the state’s wealthiest residents but also some of the poorest. In fact about 1/3 of the residents live below the national poverty line. This makes home and commercial security systems like those provided by Big Tex Security, very important.

Interestingly and perhaps in part due to the inter-connectivity with Texas A and M University, the city is one of the most educated in the country. Approximately 56% of the College Station residents have a college degree and 30% of the city’s residents work in education. Despite this there were 342 burglaries and 2,290 property crimes recorded by the FBI in 2016.

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Some of the most popular and sometimes expensive neighborhoods include Millican, Spear, Allenfarm, Wellborn and Rock Prairie. Not surprisingly these neighborhoods make attractive targets for burglaries.

College Station Home Security Tip: Meet your neighbors. Most neighbors are glad to help keep an eye on your property, particularly when you’re not home.

Over 2/3’s (68%) of the College Station residents are renters. These residents will find our apartment security systems an ideal, and mobile option for safety.

Call Big Tex Security at (281) 783-3900 to learnabout our professional alarm systems for homes, apartments and businesses. We offer a variety of systems including those with doorbell cameras and ones with live, remote monitoring and large data storage capacity, ideal for commercial applications.

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