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Bryan Permits

Alarm System Resources and Permits for Bryan

An alarm system from Big Tex Security can provide Bryan residents with peace-of-mind twenty four hours a day, every day of the year! The 80,552 residents of Bryan live in 29,020 households approximately 100 miles northwest of Houston via US-290 and Highway 6. Permits are required for residential and commercial applications. They are available online.

There were 511 burglaries and 2,552 property crimes recorded by the FBI in 2016

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Because of the larger than typical percentage of Bryan residents attending Texas A &M or Blinn Community College the median age is 27.6 years old and the number of apartment renters is higher than average at 49.2% of the population. These renters are ideal candidates for our flexible alarm systems and plans that can be moved when changing apartments or vacating between school terms. And apartment complex owners or managers will find our packages can make your units more attractive to prospective tenants.

Alarm permits are required in Bryan for residential and business applications. The permit is valid for three years and costs $75.00. The application and payments may be made online at: https://www.bryantx.gov/police/

Bryan, TX Home Security Tip: Make sure security camera coverage is complete. Professional installation will minimize blind spots.

The Big Tex Security commercial alarm systems are ideal for businesses that might be susceptible to shoplifting or shrinkage. Camera placement is professionally determined to provide maximum, meaningful coverage and video can be monitored remotely plus archived as needed.

If you’d like to add the protection of a custom alarm system for your Bryan house, apartment or commercial application, call Big Tex Security at (281) 783-3900 to learn more.

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