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Beaumont Permits

Beaumont, Texas Alarm System Resources and Permits

The city of Beaumont requires annual security alarm system permits for all applications.

Beaumont is situated approximately 84 miles east of Houston and Big Tex Security provides alarm systems for this growing city of 113, 866 (2000 figure). The city of Beaumont has 44,361 households and 48,815 housing units. These housing units include free-standing houses, condominiums, duplexes and apartments. The home ownership rate is lower than the state average (59.9% vs. 63.8%) but Big Tex Security offers alarm systems for owned homes and rentals.

Median household income in Beaumont is $32, 559 which is $7,433 below the state median income. The median owner-occupied house value is $62, 500 which is $20,000 lower than the median house value in the state. The town is known as an attractive and affordable place to live and raise a family with 14.5% of the residents employed in the healthcare industry; 12.7% in retail; 10.8% in Education and 9.6% in manufacturing (source: statistical atlas). 12.9% of the city residents work in sales; 11.8% in administrative office occupations and 7% in management. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Walden, Elizabeth, Galloway, Calder Terrace, and Calder Highlands.

Beaumont Home Security Tip: Shrubs and shadows give burglars cover to break in. Keep shrubs trimmed and property well lit.

Big Tex Security Offer

There were 1,460 burglaries and 5,026 property crimes recorded by the FBI in 2016. This means 3.3% of the household were burglarized that year. Starting as low as $15.95 per month, Big Tex Security provides certified security systems for residences. We also offer, install and can monitor commercial alarm systems for commercial applications in the 9,350 firms located within the city.

Alarm System Permits in Beaumont

Permits are required for alarm systems in Beaumont. Registration is available online. There is a thirty-five dollar ($35.00) fee for a residential location or a fifty dollar ($50.00) fee for a commercial location

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City of Beaumont alarm permit (online)

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