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Alarm Monitoring for Apartments

Often people who rent an apartment are limited in their choices for an alarm system. Apartment renters have often felt limited in their options for an alarm system. Plus many traditional companies will not install a security system in a rental unit. And for those companies that do, usually the installation and monitoring costs are not affordable. This is why Big Tex Security offers alarm monitoring for apartments at an affordable low price. In addition, our security system installation is affordable for most apartment dwellers. Our 5 Diamond certified, UL listed central station is on the job 24/7 365 days a year. Our fully trained dispatchers will notify you or the appropriate authorities whenever an alarm signal is received.

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Helix security system for apartments

Reliable Wireless Security Systems for Apartments

We realize that many apartments will not allow you to drill holes and install a permanent alarm system in your apartment. But with our totally wireless security system, that is not a problem. Our system will tie into your existing internet connection, or via a wireless cellular communicator if this option is chosen. And since the system is not permanently installed, you can take it with you if you decide to move. Then you can just activate the service at your new address.

Get the Extra System Features You Want

Just because you rent an apartment, doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy some of the extras that traditional alarm systems have. Our system will allow you to receive notifications on your smartphone, tablet or email. If you are allowing someone into your home you can remotely arm/disarm the system with the Secure Smart app.

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