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Conroe Facts and Alarm Permits

Alarm System Permits and Resources Conroe, Texas
Anchored by the 22,000 acre Lake Conroe, Sam Houston National Forest and W. Goodrich Jones State Forest, the city of Conroe is a mix of residents and individuals who have weekend or vacation homes for occasional use. All are ideal candidates for the affordable custom alarm systems at Big Tex Security. The city has 82,286 residents who along with non-residents live in 14, 378 housing units. Nearly half of those are single family homes (6,770) with the balance comprised of apartments, condos and mobile homes.

According to FBI statistics there were 376 burglaries and 2,199 property crimes in 2016. The large number of non-owner occupied homes and often remote, wooded locations make the necessity of a dependable alarm system vital.

Conroe Home Security Tip: When traveling or planning a trip be sure to tell people like trusted neighbors or relatives who can keep an eye on your property.

Most Conroe residents work in education, healthcare, and social services (36%) with food services, entertainment, accommodations and food services employing 14.4% of the population. 12% work in retail trade. All these occupations mean individuals are often away from home and will immediately benefit from an alarm system.

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Alarm Permits in Conroe
Alarm permits are required in Conroe for residential and business uses. The fee for residents is $20.00 annually and $30.00 for non-residents. These fees must be paid to the city and should be done before your alarm system is activated.

If you’re a resident of Conroe; have a business there; or have a weekend/vacation home around the lake, you need a security system. Call Big Tex Security at (281) 783-3900 for a free assessment and to learn more about our flexible, customized security systems and the various equipment options we offer.

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